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This is our documentation Website for the BRENNEREI next generation lab 2014. On this page we want to show you how we worked and present our results!

The TEAM of the Lab 2014

  • Andre May - Visuelle Kommunikation
    Graphic design, Editorial design, Motion graphic
    mail: ahoi(at)
  • Jennifer Paul - Medienwissenschaften
    Projectmanagement, Interaction design, IT-Management, Marketing, Media art, Empirical research
    mail: jennifer.paul(at)
  • Franziska Bock - Produktdesign
    Product design, Concept design, Design research, Sketching, Model making, 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering, Projectmanagement
    mail: franziska_bock(at)
  • Katrin Hovy - Urban Design
    Formal function and actual use of public space, contextual relation of actors and city
    mail: katrin(at)
  • Chris Spatschek - Kommunikationsdesign
    Visual Communication, Art Direction, Photography, Science Communication
    mail: kontakt(at)
  • Steven T. Wong - Digitale Medien
    Architecture, Interaction/Installation Design, Data Visualization, Animation, Choreography and Motion Capture, Projection Mapping
    mail: steven.t.wong(at)
  • Franziska Meichelböck - Urban Design
    Urban design, Field studies, Urbanism, Statistics, Visualization, Sketching, Moderation, Concept design, Landscape architecture
    mail: franziska.meichelboeck(at)
  • Marco Agosta - Communication Design
    Illustrations, Game design, Character design, Graphic design, Editorial design, Animation, Brand identity, Storytelling
    mail: agosta.marco(at)

How we worked







Project #1 Consider Product Recalls

How can the communication between the producer and the company be optimized via a digital interface?

Creative Supervisor

Tammo F. Bruns, kleiner+bold GmbH

The project, “Product Recalls”, in collaboration with our project partner consider it GmbH, focuses on the development of communicative strategies in the event of a recall process. Ideas and concepts were developed to facilitate communication between companies and their consumers via new digital interfaces. As an introduction to the subject of product recalls, case studies were examined from different categories and industries. They were analyzed and visualized in flowcharts, which showed the involvement of different actors. In the next step, interviews were conducted with experts from these fields of public authorities, manufacturers, recall management and media to identify obstacles and generate fitting solutions.

The resulting concept, a comprehensive portal that allows all stakeholders direct communication with each other, has been implemented in various prototype designs.

See our main concept in the linked PDF (click on the picture)

The issue of product recalls is complex and not well known to the public. To make the complexity of a product recall more understandable and to create awareness about this topic, we created simple shows. They illustrate the complexity of recalls at various levels. One is consumer orientated and the other one is business orientated. They speak in a common graphical language and take place in the “pinco world”.

Recalls Happen

The interactive Site targets companies or producers who would like to know more about the recall process. By providing basic tips and information how to prepare for, handle and/or recover from a recall.

Explore the design of the Website here

Pictures from the Project

Download the Documentation

Project #2 Bremen Bike City

Communicate Bremen as a Cycling City

Creative Supervisor

Axel Watzke,

Within the project Bike it!, we concentrated on the topic of cycling in Bremen. Our focus was, on one hand, to strengthen the dialogue among bikers themselves and between different traffic members, and on the other hand, to facilitate biking in Bremen by municipal projects. We generated concepts from a myriad of ideas during our early research phase. We then selected a few concepts, from which we could develop further, and eventually decided to work beyond the walls of our office. Via discussions, meetings and a series of three events, we had the possibility to get to know the wishes and needs of the Bremen cyclists, who influenced our ongoing work. In the end, we created a book consisting of various concepts and prototypes about how to proceed with strengthening the cycling community in Bremen.

We've generated a lot of ideas that got collected in our documentation

Impulses for Bike City Bremen


Uniting Bremen’s Cycling Community

Pulsrada is an open-format series of prototyped events that connects cycling enthusiasts from all over Bremen. After intensive developmental phases, we launched the event in order for the local cycling community – from daily commuters to bike leaders – to connect and have a creative exchange. Our goal was to establish a central meeting point where people from different backgrounds could join together and convey the strengths of Bremen as a cycling city. Each event had a unique theme and the feedback we received for each event was important in shaping the ones to follow.

Impressions from Pulsrada


At this place we want to present three further developed and prototyped ideas.

Happy Traffic - Sound Installation

Everybody knows this phenomenon: waiting at the redlight - by food, bike or car - and seconds turn to hours. Happy traffic is a sound installation which interferes in this situation. The different traffic members will hear the nice, funny and irritating messages while waiting. This turns a normal situation into an interactive variety in the public space. Lächel mal!

We prototyped two of the speaking boxes for the Breminale 2014

Sicher?! - Campaign | Flyer | Website

The campaign “Sicher?!” creates awareness of the high risk of bicycle theft in Bremen and provides guidance for prevention. As part of their daily routine representatives from the public affairs office attach small magenta flyers to bikes in areas of high risk. These flyers point to a website that could be part of the “bike it!” homepage. The website provides information on various topics surrounding bicycle theft: It shows how to lock bikes properly, demonstrates different types of locks, refers to bike registration and warns cyclists about areas of Bremen where a lot of bikes get stolen.

Clapping Hands - Urban Intervention

“Clapping Hands” promotes a special greeting, for cyclists in Bremen. Two bikers, passing by each other clap their hands. This builds identity, creates traffic awareness and supports the dialogue between participants in daily traffic. It is also a public installation,hand shaped palstic devices are installed on red lights and poles of traffic signs. The passersby are invited to clap those plastic-hands.
Video coming soon...

Pictures from the Project

Download the Documentation

The Final Exhibition

On the 18th of September, we had our final exhibition in the BRENNEREI


Here you can download the Project Documentations and two small gimmicks.

Consider Product Recalls

Build your own Pinco

Tritt in die Pedale

Grab an Idea


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